About Me

As well as being an artist for the past 35 years, I have also been a teacher.

“My aim with my students has been at all times, to bring them to the threshold of their own creativity. Whether their chosen career is in the art world or not, I believe that they should have a creative approach to life.”

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philippa.jpgA member of the Chelsea Arts Club, London, Fourth President of the Australian Society of Miniature Art (A.S.M.A.), and vice President of Hornsby Art Society, Ms. Stewart-Hall has exhibited consistently in major group exhibitions, including “Six New Faces” at the Solander Galleries Canberra, the Del Bello Gallery – Canada, Museum of Contemporary Art – Washington D.C. USA, Haute Loire International Art Exhibition – France, Gallerie Austral – Noumea, Nagano – Japan, & Germany, just to mention a few.

Furthermore she has held eleven solo exhibitions, three of which have been at the Holdsworth Galleries in Paddington, Sydney.

Philippa’s works hang in private collections both here and overseas. She has many commissions to her credit, including paintings on linen and paper, logo designs, a wall sculpture for Professor and Mrs Hostetler, and glass paintings for Slinc designs.

Ms. Stewart-Hall’s foray into the art world began when she had an accident in 1975, which caused her to rethink her life. While recuperating in hospital she began to draw. Doctors and friends encouraged her to continue and eventually her work came to the notice of the artist Ross Morrow, who became her mentor and friend for several years before his death.

The springboard for Philippa’s enthusiastic approach to her new world was through the abstract forms of music and the philosophies of songwriters and composers.

Technically Philippa’s ability to paint & draw academically, is without a doubt, however she decided to concentrate strongly on experimentation and gradually moved from drawing to painting and on to mixed media. This exploration culminated in her first solo at the Holdsworth Galleries namely “Crossroads”.

A quantum leap in style came about when she began exploring dreams… an ancient philosophy based on the interpretation of dreams as messages. These interpretations have altered the destinies of people and nations throughout history.

In 1993 she presented an exhibition called “Glimpses” at the Holdsworth Galleries. Philippa is currently working on a multitude of ideas that incorporate themes based on dreams, interlaced with music & the scientific theories concerning the cosmos, as well as transcendental meditation.

Her miniature portraits – particularly of animals, & conceptual works using a variety of different media give an added dimension to her work.

Philippa’s thirst for knowledge has also led her into another arena – that of Botanical Painting. According to Philippa, this is an area of art, which she finds wonderfully meditative – that of being one with the plant. This exploration has enabled Philippa to exhibit with the Botanical Art Society of Australia.

Essentially a metaphysical surrealist, Ms Stewart-Hall has travelled from pencil and paint to mirrors, laser paper, glass, perspex, and ceramics. From fifteen foot paintings to miniatures. Her works are not superficial, and she always challenges the viewer to explore her works… she hopes you will join her in her philosophical journeys.