“Fractals the patterns of Chaos” Exhibition 2008

David Linton gallery Maleny.

its-a-crowdWhat a great opening it was. Despite the pouring rain people came from everywhere and were so supportive.

Food and wine was in abundance as were the viewing audience…
who expressed enormous interest in the concept and also a desire to learn more about a very difficult subject in quantum physics.

dsc_0108The exhibitors Helga Nehkorn, Suzanne Chisholm, Pam Condor, Philippa Stewart-Hall, Lindley Hart, Tracy Lewis and Dianne Scott decided some months ago to exhibit together…none of them knew Philippa from a bar of soap as she and her husband Andy had only arrived in Queensland to live permanently 16 months ago.

So in a sense she was the wildcard…however Philippa is used to that…. (Gets her into quite a bit of strife…from which she just manages to extricate herself before the mob annihilation process).

dsc_0111However despite the huge mix of media and talent, the exhibition was one they could all be proud of.

Helga’s colourful works were a beautiful interlacing of patterns, which indicated the randomness of chaos.

Suzanne’s lovely gentle drawings of the agapantha demonstrated that fractals exist in everything.
Pam Condors very beautiful silk hangings had a delicacy and randomness that also had a concealed heart inside the work.

huhPhilippa Stewart-Hall chose a more academic approach to the subject matter and used acrylics and mixed media to answer the challenge of fractals and the patterns of chaos. The first work demonstrates the geometric academe prior to the discovery by Benoit Mandlebrot of a very simple equation
Z->Z ^ + C.

This simple equation threw the scientific world into a frenzy of embarrassment; because it could now be demonstrated that the universe and galaxies and life on this planet is not as ordered as previously thought.

Lindley Hart’s work was wonderfully chaotic …yet ordered at the same time. It has wonderful movement and suggestions of continual change.

Tracy Lewis’ sculptures were incredible in their sophisticated use of her materials and subtle use of colours and repetitive shapes. These are very powerful works indeed.

Dianne Scott had a multiple of photographic images transferred onto canvas…. the cropping of the
photographs was exceedingly well done from Dianne’s exploratory photographs.
The whole exhibition was very professional and the wonderful use of colour, and the way all the works blended so well together was a tribute to the seven artists, who now are calling themselves “The Chaotics”.

They intend to exhibit together as a group again.

Exhibition at The David Linton Gallery finished 30th June 2008
Enquiries (07) 5429 6831

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