Press Release: Jim Cox Art Classes

Jim Cox Art Classes

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Students over the past 5 weeks have been privileged to have the tutelage of former graphic designer and visual art lecturer Jim Cox, who is now in that wonderful position of being able to pass on his bounty of artistic knowledge to small groups of people.

“Why?” you might ask. Because he feels like it!

Jim has been most impressed by the diverse approach that individual students have used to paint, in the renaissance style, a portrait of their lovely model Rebecca.
He is also impressed at the generosity of sharing that has developed among the students; after all not one of these people had ever met before!
Jim feels very privileged to have brought some of the students to the threshold of their own creativity, and he finds life very exciting when he unearths the unexpected talent in people who would never have thought that they could have even a vague success painting a portrait…
This group includes Ophelia Rechlin, a former fashion  designer. Jenny Porcellini a young mum, and very keen student. Cheryl Laizens. Glenis Gray, an emerging artist, seriously working at developing her skills. Kath Nash, a gardening guru. Brad Drew, a Mapleton based architect. Michael Simpson a local G.P. Musician and sketcher, Fran Davies, and Philippa Stewart-Hall, professional artist…
and of course, Jim being very helpful, as usual.
Philippa Stewart-Hall 2008

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