Finding out what I wanted to do when I left school…

Philippa Stewart-Hall - ModellingLike most young people I had great difficulty trying to decide what I wanted to do when I left school…

I dearly wished to study art but because I went to a selective school, North Sydney Girls in Sydney where the only avenue for creativity were the biological drawings which I did for my biology studies. However art or becoming an artist was considered only a hobby and my parents despaired when I demonstrated that I did not want to go to university…after all it was only a place for finding a husband…that’s if you couldn’t make up your mind what you wanted to do…women were still expected to be, if they worked, secretaries, or something subservient in an office….

I wanted to study architecture …but was informed while at school, don’t hold any great expectations you will just end up as a draughtsman in someone’s office… so having taken that on board I decided that school and uni were a non event.

I applied to East Sydney Tech for a visual arts course and got in…but my parents would not support that idea…so they being at a loss…. sent me to Miss Hale’s to learn shorthand and typing…YUK!!!!!

As well I was sent to a deportment school…. I believe my mother thought that would most certainly help me find a husband…little did she know…. poor woman…within 6 weeks I was on a catwalk…Nervous as hell and shaking like a leaf…

I started my modeling career working for Curzons in Sydney. I didn’t intend to become a fashion model. It just eventuated.

Philippa Stewart-Hall - ModellingBefore long I was modeling for Farmers (who became Myers) on a regular basis and being photographed by such photographers as Laurie le Gay, Helmet Newton, & Ray Leighton. These photographs were for such companies as Woolworths, Rothmans cigarettes, Dri-Glo towels, Elizabeth French hairdressing, Berkeleys furs, Farmers dept store, Coty makeup, Franke Stuart and co bridal gowns…I was the Starlet girl for Coles makeup range and I was one of the models for the big David Jones wool parades.

I made a lot of TV commercials including one for Silverkrin hair shampoo, which won an award…. Stuyvesant cigarettes, as well as Kool cigarettes.

I acted in bit parts in channel 2 live plays and also was an extra in Whiplash and The Sundowners…. I was a better model…acting was not for me I suffered too much from stage fright.

was on the front cover of Wheels magazine, and twice on the front cover of the Woman’s Weekly as well as the weekly times.

I made heaps of money and spent the lot….

I was wined and dined in some of the best restaurants in Sydney, invited to many a ball at the Trocadero, went to fabulous live shows, had a wonderful and carefree existence…. for about 5 years…but then I started to become a bit bored…I was in all the magazines, on TV, on big billboards at railway stations and when I went to the theatre there I was again…it became a bit too much…. I couldn’t see a road forward to anything different…So I decided to move on…which I did.

Philippa Stewart-Hall - Modelling

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